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About City Kitty Franchise

City Kitty is the innovator and pioneer of the cats-only grooming business. Having been born out of the world of cat shows, we were the first to recognize the need for a grooming service dedicated to cats. We know there are some dog groomers who are willing to groom cats or some businesses in the pet industry that are offering cat grooming services as an option. However, City Kitty specializes in cats only. We love cats. Cats are our passion. We care for them all day, every day. We also approach cat grooming with a holistic, spiritual and gentle approach. Cats deserve to be treated with respect and sensitivity to their needs. They also deserve to be pampered in a spa-like environment because of all the joy they bring to their owners' lives every day. We serve as a resource for natural cat care including diet, flower essences and homeopathy.

An Excellent Business Opportunity

City Kitty is uniquely dedicated to being a "green" grooming business. We have only used botanical-based products for a long time, and we want to be respectful of our environment in the same way we respect each of our cat clients. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest research and development into everything related to today's cats. One of the most heard compliments we have received is the way we serve as a complete resource for our clients.

By combining the above unique differences with our unmatched customer service, you have a powerful franchise business opportunity capable of serving cats, helping cat owners, and having a positive impact on the environment and providing your family with the financial potential to fulfill your dreams. Contact us to find out how to make your dreams a reality.


Adrienne Kawamura's Story

It is not always easy to be a pioneer. Just ask Adrienne Kawamura - Creator, Founder, and Owner of City Kitty. When you come up with an idea that no one has tried before, it can be daunting to make the leap that turns it into a reality. Such was the case of Adrienne and City Kitty. Back in the early 1990s, Adrienne was starting to become well known through her success at showing Persian cats at the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) shows. She also was making cat collars under the name City Kitty and selling them at the cat shows.

As Adrienne became visible in the cat community, and people became impressed with her show cats, cat owners began to ask her to come to their homes to groom their cats. She willingly agreed to do it because she loved working with the cats and enjoyed the undying appreciation from the owners.

After taking two cats to back-to-back National CFA wins in the mid-1990s, Adrienne was struck by a lightning bolt of an idea while driving to a cat owner's house to groom their cat. At this time, there were no grooming salons specializing in cats only, and Adrienne wondered why she couldn't offer this service to everyone. She had reached the highest pinnacles in the cat show world. Adrienne now wanted to achieve the same success in the business world. She decided to open up a salon that provided a "cats only" environment for grooming. Her idea was to take the concept one step further by creating not just a place to groom your cat but an actual "spa-like" environment that cared for the whole cat - mind, body, and spirit. She also wanted to develop a special identity for her new concept, creating a logo using the image of a beloved cat she showed called Ret Butler. He was an amazing cat who went everywhere with Adrienne, had no fear, and lived each day to the fullest. This was the same spirit she wanted to instill in every cat client. So in August 2000, Adrienne opened the first City Kitty location in Edmonds, WA. The business took off and continues to grow every week.

Soon Adrienne was looking again to the future to satisfy her goal of seeing City Kitty salons across the nation by providing this much-needed service and helping owners take better care of their cats; educating them on cat issues such as diet, behavior, and hospice care; and serving as a resource for all cat issues. Franchising was the answer. Adrienne wanted to make sure each City Kitty location was run by someone who owned the business because when you are working with people's cherished pets there is no room for error, and the service standards need to be of the highest quality.

Today, City Kitty continues to grow and is looking for the right franchisees to blanket the country with this much-needed cat grooming spa service. Contact us to learn how you can become a franchisee and own and operate your very own City Kitty.
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